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DIY Research Guide: Find Ebooks

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Find Ebooks- Step 1

Head to the Library's Homepage:  In the center of the screen, use the search box under the All tab to search for ebooks.  You can search for titles, authors, and topics with this search box.


Catalog search box

Find Ebooks- Step 2

Review your search results.  Be sure to note whether the item is available at the Camden-Carroll Library, which is noted with a green dot under the item's citation information.


Ebook search results


If you have trouble finding the ebook, then you may want to refine your results by clicking on Books under the Resource Type options on the left-hand side of the window.


Limit search to books

Find Ebooks- Step 3

Click on Details to find out more about the ebook. Is this the ebook you are looking for?  


Catalog details about the ebook


Under Actions, use the Citation tool to see example citations for this ebook in different citation styles.  The citations may not be correct!  Be sure to check these citation examples before using them in a research paper or assignment.

Find Ebooks- Step 4

Under View Now, look for the link to the ebook and click on the link. 


Link to the ebook


Ebooks reside in library databases, so you may need to log into the database with your MSU ID# and PIN if you are off campus.  Learn how, try the page linked below:

Find Ebooks- Step 5

The database should automatically take you to the ebook record.  In most databases, including the one pictured below, you will find a link to open the ebook in full text. 


Ebook record in database


You may want to explore the database to find out what other features are available.  For example, you may find a Cite tool to provide citation examples.  Just be sure to check these citations for errors.

Next Steps

If you are unable to location the ebook, the Library may not own it in that format.  You may want to: