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DIY Research Guide: Find MSU Theses

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Find MSU Theses- Step 1

Head to the Library's Homepage:  In the center of the screen, use the All tab to search the catalog for theses.  Type in your search terms.  You can search for titles, authors, and topics with this search box.


Library search box under the All tab.

Find MSU Theses- Step 2

Once in the catalog, scroll down the results page and look for the Locations limiter on the left-hand side of the results.  Choose the MSU Thesis Collection as the location.


Catalog results page scrolling down to Location limiter


If MSU Thesis Collection is not listed as a top option, then click on the More Options link to see a full list of locations found within the results. If MSU Thesis Collection is still not listed, then we may not have any theses related to your search terms. Please consult with a library staff member for assistance.

Find MSU Theses- Step 3

Review your search results. Each item's availability is noted under the entry's title and author information.


Search results

Find MSU Theses- Step 4

Review the citation information by clicking on the Details link.  Is this the thesis you are looking for?


Details and citation info for search result


Under Actions, use the Citation tool to see example citations for this thesis in different citation styles.  The citations may not be correct!  Be sure to check these citation examples before using them in a research paper or assignment.

Find MSU Theses- Step 5

Take note of the thesis's Call Number, and remember that the Collection is the MSU Thesis Collection.  You will need both pieces of information to find the thesis on the shelf.


Location information for the search result under Find It


If you don't know where the MSU Thesis Collection is located in the Library, then follow the directions below to find its location.

Find MSU Theses- Step 6

Head back to the Library's Homepage:


Link back to library homepage


Click on the Spaces link in the left-hand menu to see the Library's Location Guide.


Link to Spaces on library homepage

Find MSU Theses- Step 7

Review the Location Guide by first finding the MSU Thesis Collection in the left-hand column.  The guide will tell you where in the Library building the collection is located.  Click on the location link to see a map.


Location Guide links to MSU Thesis Collection floor map

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