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DIY Research Guide: Find Dissertations

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Find Dissertations- Step 1

Head to the Library's Homepage:  In the center of the screen, click on the Select a Database drop-down menu.  Click on Dissertations & Theses Global


Database drop down menu


Once you click on the database title and click the Go button, you will be redirected into the Dissertations & Theses Global database. 

Please note: If you are off-campus, you will need to log into the database with your MSU ID# and password.

Find Dissertations- Step 2

Type in your search terms.  You can search for titles, authors, and topics with this search box. 


Database search box


The database will provide suggested topics you can use to search. 

Find Dissertations- Step 3

Review your search results.  Be sure to note whether the item is available in full text or not.  Click on the Citation/Abstract option or the Preview option to find out more about the item.


Database search results


Dissertations can be large files, so only click on the full-text dissertation when you are ready to read the full document.


Find Dissertations- Step 4

When reviewing the Citation/Abstract, you will have access to the PDF Preview and Full-text options.


Dissertation citation and abstract page


The database will also give you the option to email, print, and cite the citation and abstract.  To print portions of the dissertation, you must open the PDF document and use the PDF controls.


Dissertations preview page

Find Dissertations- Step 5

If the dissertation is not available in the database, you a few options.


Find it button in database results list

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