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DIY Research Guide: Find Videos

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Find Videos- Step 1

Head to the Library's Homepage:  Using the search box in the center of the screen, type in your search terms.  You can search for titles, authors, and topics with this search box.


Video search example

Find Videos- Step 2

Review your search results.  Be sure to note whether the item is available at the Camden-Carroll Library, which is noted with a green dot under the item's citation information. 


Video search result


If you have trouble finding the video, then you may want to refine your results by clicking on Audio Visual under the Resource Type options on the left-hand side of the window.


Audio Visual option in catalog

Find Videos- Step 3

Click on Details to find out more about the video. Is this the video you are looking for? 


Video details in catalog


Under Actions, use the Citation tool to see example citations for this video in different citation styles.  The citations may not be correct!  Be sure to check these citation examples before using them in a research paper or assignment.

Find Videos- Step 4

Take note of the video's Collection and Call Number.  You will need both pieces of information to find the video on the shelf.


Video location information in catalog


Click on the Find It link to see more details about the book, including a link to Request It via office or off-campus delivery. Note, the item's location information is duplicated above.

Most videos are located in the Library's Learning Resource Center (LRC).  Check the Collection to find out if the video is on the New Material shelf. 

If you don't know where the LRC is located in the Library, then follow the directions below to find its location.

Find Videos- Step 5

Head back to the Library's Homepage:


Homepage link in catalog


Click on the Spaces link in the left-hand menu.


Spaces link on homepage

Find Videos- Step 6

Review the Location Guide by first finding the LRC (Learning Resource Center) in the left-hand column.  The guide will tell you where in the Library building the LRC is located.  Click on the location link to see a map.  Head to the highlighted area to find the video.


Location guide for videos


Next Steps

If you are unable to find the video, the Library may not own it.  You may want to: