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DIY Research Guide: Find Scholarly Journals

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Find Scholarly Journals- Under Construction

Follow these steps if you need to:

  1. Find out if the Library subscribes to a particular journal, magazine or newspaper.
  2. Find a specific article within a journal, magazine or newspaper.

Find Scholarly Journals- Step 1

Head to the Library's Homepage:  In the center of the screen, use the All tab to search the catalog for journal titles.  Type in your search terms. 


Catalog search box

Find Scholarly Journals- Step 2

Once in the Catalog, review your search results.  If the entry states there are multiple versions of the journal, then click on the View # versions link on the right to see all versions. If the entry does not state there are multiple versions, then move to the next step for instructions on accessing the journal.


Journal title search results


If you have trouble finding the journal, then you may want to refine your results by clicking on the All items drop-down menu below the search box and choosing Journals. When you click on the search button, the Catalog remove any results that aren't journals.


Limit search to journals

Find Scholarly Journals- Step 3

Click on Details to find out more about the journal and make sure you have the right one. Is this the journal you are looking for?


Journal title results in Catalog with details


The Catalog sometimes has multiple entries for the same journal. In most cases, the Catalog will have one entry for the electronic version of the journal (as indicated by Online Access) and one entry for any physical versions (as indicated by The library also has physical copies). Review the availability dates to find out which version has access to the year(s) you need. Jump to the next steps to find out how to find the availability dates and access information for electronic and physical journals:

Find Electronic Scholarly Journals- Step 4a

If we have electronic access to the journal, look under the View Now tab for direct links to the database that houses the journal. Click on the database title to jump into it.


View Now options for journal result


Find Electronic Scholarly Journals- Step 5a

The database may provide a landing page where you can see all the volumes and issues indexed by the database. Look for the option to search within the journal. It may be located in different places, depending on the database.


Journal landing page in database


If you are looking for a specific article within the journal, check the date or volume and issue numbers of the article. Click on the year or volume number in which the article was published to see a subset of issues numbers. Then click on the issue number in which the article was published.

Find Electronic Scholarly Journals- Step 6a

The database will often then provide a list of articles within the issue you chose, listing each article in page number order. Check the page number for your article and then browse the list.


Browse journal issue for article


Once you find the article, click on the full-text options to see the full article.

Find Physical Scholarly Journals- Step 4b

For physical items, click on the Find It tab. Journals may come in multiple formats, so take note of the Locations and collections provided.  Possible locations/collections for journals include:

  • Electronic- Portions of the journal are available in a Library database or other online repositories, including the publisher's website.
  • Periodicals- Portions of the journal are available in print.  Older print journals are bound together by volume number.  Newer print journals are left unbound.
  • Periodicals Microfilm-  Portions of the journal are available on mircofilm.
  • Periodicals Microfiche- Portions of the journal are available on microfiche.
  • Newspapers- Portions of the newspaper are available in print.

To learn more about these formats, please visit our Glossary of Library Terms.


Print journal holding information in catalog


Review the Holdings information to see the dates available for each collection. There may be multiple formats, so be sure to scroll down for more options when available.

Find Physical Scholarly Journals- Step 5b

If the journal is available in print, head to the Camden-Carroll Library building to find the journal.  To locate the journal in the building, use the Library's Location Guide.  Start by heading back to the Library's Homepage:


Link to library homepage from the catalog


Click on the Spaces link in the left-hand menu to see the Library's Location Guide.


Link to the Location Guide from homepage

Find Physical Scholarly Journals- Step 6b

Review the Location Guide by first finding the item's Collection and then its Call Number.  The guide will tell you where in the Library building the journal is located.  Click on the location link to see a map.  The journal may be found in the highlighted area on the map.


Use the Location Guide to find the journal in the library

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