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DIY Research Guide: Use the Find It Button

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Use the Find It Button- Step 1

While using the Library's databases, you may come across a resource that is not available full-text in the tool you are searching.  When available, the Find It button will be your next best step to locate the item.  Look for this button to get the process started:

Find It button 

Click the Find It button to search our databases to see if the item is available electronically somewhere else.  It will also list additional options for finding the item.

Use the Find It Button- Step 2

Review your options.


Find It options


If you see a Full Text option, click on the database title to find the item in the listed database.  If you do not see a Full Text link, then review the additional options as shown in Step 4.

Use the Find It Button- Step 3

When you click on the full-text option, you will often head directly to the item. 


Find It link heads to article in another database


In some case, you will be directed to the bigger resource- usually journals- in which the item is located.  Simply use the citation information to find the exact article.

Use the Find It Button- Step 4

If you do not have a Full Text option, then use the Request It option if you want to request a copy of the item via our Request It service.  The Library will work with other libraries to borrow or copy the item without cost to you!


Request It options for articles

Next Steps