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DIY Research Guide: Search the Library Catalog

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Search the Catalog- Step 1

Head to the Library's Homepage:  In the center of the screen, use the All tab to search the Catalog for articles, books, videos, and much more.  Type in your search terms.  You can search for titles, authors, and topics with this search box.


Library catalog search box

Search the Catalog- Step 2

Review your search results.  The Catalog will tell you type of item (e.g. book, article, etc.) the resource is. It will also tell the item's availability and location. Electronically available items will include links under the View Now link.


Catalog search results


If the Library has multiple versions of an item, then you can find out about each version by clicking on the View # versions link when provided. Choose from the options below to learn how to get the items based on the type of resource:

Search the Catalog- Special Features

Didn't find what you need with your first search?  Try using WorldCat's special features:

Search the Catalog- Using Limiters

Limiters allow you to narrow your search results based on the criteria you choose. Look for the clickable options on the left side of the screen.


Catalog limiters


For example, you can choose to search for only Full-Text items, mostly articles.  Another option is to search for certain Resource Types (e.g. books, articles, videos, etc.).  When you click on a limiter, the catalog will redo the search, limiting the results to items that fit your criteria.  Additional criteria include Publication Date, Subject, Language, and many more.

Search the Catalog- Using Advanced Search

If you want to see all of your search options on one screen, try the Advanced Search screen.  Start by clicking on the Advanced Search link at the top of the page.  The link is usually right next to the search box.


Link to advanced search in catalog


On the Advances Search Screen, you can add additional Keywords, limit the Year of publication, and much more.


Advanced search options in catalog


Once you've set up your search, click the Search button to see your results.  If you need help with finding new keywords, head to this page for more details:

Search the Catalog- With Sorting

The Catalog will automatically sort the results by relevance to your search terms.  If you want to resort the list, simply change the Sort by drop-down menu to your preference.  The list is located at the top of the results and will resort automatically when you change it.


Sorting catalog results

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