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How to Do Library Research-Old Guide: Start

Getting Started

Jump start your academic research with the MSU Library's How to Do Library Research guide.  We designed this guide to help students work through the research process from start to finish. 

Where to Begin

Do you have a research assignment due for class?  Are you interested in doing your own research to find out more on a topic?  The research process begins with a clear understanding of your information needs, so pull out that research assignment if you have one and read it thoroughly.     

The numbered tabs above represent steps in the research process. Read through the steps as you research but feel free to jump back and forth between steps as you find more avenues to investigate.  Below we have brief descriptions of each step. The unnumbered tabs provide information any good researcher should know.

If you have any questions you can always contact the library reference desk for help.  Call us at 606-783-5491, jump into our chat widget, or use the link below for other help options.

The Research Process


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