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Connect from Home: Internet Service Providers

Gain access to the library's electronic resources when you are outside of the campus network.

Internet Service Providers

It is impossible for us to anticipate every potential ISP problem.  However we can describe on this page those situations or fixes that have been reported to us.  So if you experience difficulty with any of the library's web-based services and you track the problem back to your home or workplace ISP, then please send a description of the problem and solution to and we will post it here.

Reported Problems

1) Generally workplace ISP have more secure firewalls than home ISPs.  So if our databases are accessible from home but not from work, then talk to your technical support person for your workplace about the degree to which the firewall may block cookies.

2) Military installations often have very tight network restrictions.  If you having problems accessing the library's electronic resources from a military base, follow the steps on our troubleshooting tips page and then call us (at the number given on the troubleshooting page) if nothing works.

3) Somebody who switched her home ISP to Windstream reported that our databases became inaccessible.

Here's how to change the firewall security setting for people using a Speedstream modem provided by Windstream:

Go to URL --

Username = admin
Password = admin


This only has been confirmed as working for Speedstream modems that are connected directly to the computer, not with a router.  She was able to change our firewall setting at home and now can get to the proxy.

4) Somebody reported an error message told her that "Most Web browsers use port 443 for SSL requests."  Ours uses port 2048.  UPDATE: On 9-11-09 we updated our SSL certificate so that this problem should be resolved.  If you do see this error message, let us know about it.