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FYS Science Fiction: Turning Fiction into Fact?: Home


This course is taught by:

Robert Royar
Office: 104 Bert Combs Bldg
Phone: 606-783-2734


Course Description

Science Fiction (or SF) is a guilty pleasure, from grade-B movies to pulp novels and serials, SF rarely gets the respect it deserves despite its great popularity. This course offers the opportunity to explore short SF spanning over three centuries. We will see how ideas develop in fiction before they come about in reality. We will explore how SF creates worlds that cause us to question our day-to-day perceptions. Some SF creates a real stretch for our ability to "suspend disbelief" while other SF only shifts reality a bit to the side. As the great SF author Philip K. Dick wrote "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away."

Subject Guide

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Rodney Watkins
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