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FYS "Plagues and People" Janelle Hare: Home

The intent of the course is to establish the expectations of life in an academic setting and as a local, national and global citizen.


Keyword worksheet

Feel free to use this worksheet to help you develop a search string to use while finding resources.


The final assignment for FYS is a research paper using concepts presented in Sherman’s Twelve Diseases that Changed Our World as a starting point. You may not choose a disease that is the focus of any Chapter from that book, however.


The paper must be well-written, properly formatted & cite research as per class discussions, and will be evaluated with the attached scoring rubric*. The paper must answer one of the following two questions:


1) How has a specific emerging microbe/disease affected the course of human history?

2) How have changing human behaviors affected the emergence of a new strain(s) of microbe?



Add the Library to Google Scholar

Want to add library results to your Google Scholar searches? I will show you how to do that here. You can find google scholar at

When you get to Google Scholar, click on the Settings button, which looks like a little cog in the top right corner. 

Inside the Scholar Preferences, there will be a few links on the left side of the screen. Click on the "Library Links" one. Search for Morehead State University - Full text. You can also search for Open Worldcat - Library Search. These will add the library resources to your Google scholar results.

Subject Guide